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For a quintessential Breton experience in France, choose a luxury hotel in Rennes. In this fun city you can explore the sights and indulge in the famous the crêpes by day then people watch or partake in the energetic festivities by night.

Rennes is very proud of its art and culture scene. With such a young population the festivals are fresh and the museums are brimming with exhibits both old and new. For a taste of the deep medieval local history, take a tour from your luxury hotel in Rennes and view the Porte Mordelaise, Rennes Cathedral and the centuries-old houses downtown. Visit Thabor Park for a serene stroll through the aviary, orangerie and formal French gardens.

There are different markets that take place almost daily in Rennes. Bargain for fresh vegetables, street food, handicrafts and souvenirs or just enjoy the bustling atmosphere. If you are lucky enough to stumble upon a Fest-Noz, (Festival of the Night, in Breton), join in the traditional dance and enjoy the authentic Breton music and drink.

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Join in the party with the young folk on a notorious Thursday night on the "Street of Thirst" or choose your luxury hotel in Rennes simply for the idyllic sight-seeing. Booking luxury hotel reservations in Rennes is easy with ExcellentHotels.com

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