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Delve into the charm and history of Normandy from your luxury hotel in Rouen. This medieval town boasts intricate and historical architecture, forested outdoor opportunities, and of course, vicinity to all of the region's serene countryside.

Claude Monet was inspired as you will be to by the ornate towers of the Rouen Cathedral. Once the tallest building in the world, this church has been struck by lightning, bombed and ruined, only to be rebuilt to its majestic stature time again. Monet painted a series of the cathedral in different lighting in the late 1800s.

From your luxury hotel take a stroll along the Seine and discover the rich history of Joan of Arc. Rouen was the site where Joan was held in 1431, (see the only remains of the Castle of Rouen, now known as the Joan of Arc Tower), and executed. A new church has been erected in her memory, along with a museum paying tribute to her.

Don't miss the remarkable Gros Horloge astronomical clock showing not only the time but also the positions of the sun, moon, and even planets. This masterpiece dates back to the 1300s making it one of the oldest clocks in the world.

For a bit of fresh air, take to the 350 km of hiking and bike trails in Rouen. Enjoy enchanting forests, views of lush pastures and spontaneous picnics of brioche, apples and local petit Suisse cheese during your excursion.

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