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See one of the most sought after regions of France from your luxury hotel in St. Malo. This walled old city offers a romantic tangle of streets packed with cozy seafood restaurants and shops, vast beaches and many ancient fortifications to explore.

The city itself is a postcard of medieval spires, battlements along the city wall and rugged plains of low tide spreading out around it. Your camera shutter will tire as you wind among cobbled lanes admiring the ancient churches, luxury hotels and towers.

Visit the tiny fortified islands off the shore; just keep an eye on the sea! The tides here are infamously fast and high. Hikes to Grand and Petit Bé's outlying ramparts are worth the jeopardy though, if you have an adventuresome spirit and a handy tide table. Nearby Mont St. Michel is a larger island topped with a historic abbey and surrounding medieval town. Flock with the other visitors to get a glimpse of this singular and achingly picturesque village.

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Enjoy the freshest mussels and oysters in the region from your luxury hotel in St. Malo. Booking luxury hotel reservations in St. Malo is easy with ExcellentHotels.com

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