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Your luxury hotel in Strasbourg will put you in perfect position to explore the German influenced Alsace region of France. The wine, cuisine and architecture all reflect a diverse history and colorful culture.

The old city revolves around the towering gothic cathedral. Choose your luxury hotel in Strasbourg near this landmark for the best view of its intricate sandstone carvings, and soaring spire. Inside you can marvel at original stained glass dating all the way back to the thirteenth century. For over 200 years this was the tallest cathedral in the world.

In the "Petite France" neighborhood you will be treated to 500 year old tanner and slaughterhouses, authentic with their black and white timbered facades. This is also where you find the ancient covered bridge towers that circled the city for defense.

From world class haute couture designer shopping to weekly flea markets, trendy lounges to renowned theaters, Strasbourg is a city that will hold its own in any category. The cuisine is especially singular in its hearty German portions and gourmet French preparation. Regional specialties include foie gras, Choucroute, (sauerkraut served with meat or fish), and Munster cheese.

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Embrace both the German and French aspects of the area from your luxury hotel in Strasbourg. Booking luxury hotel reservations in Strasbourg is easy with ExcellentHotels.com

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