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Visit the Loire Valley and be enchanted by the region from your luxury hotel in Tours. At the heart of the Valley, Tours places you in the midst of lush fruit orchards, magnificent châteaux and world famous vineyards. Situated between the Loire and Cher rivers, the city is charmingly medieval and well preserved. Quaint shops, cafés and luxury hotels line the picturesque riverbank and historical bridges lead the way across.

Once you have explored vibrant Le Vieux Tours and done your shopping and snacking you will want to see the sights of the city. The Place Jean Jaurès with its splendid fountains and town hall, St. Gatien Cathedral boasting flamboyant gothic spires and the botanical city gardens are all within easy walking distance from your luxury hotel in Tours.

Take an excursion to the rolling countryside and visit the many stately manor houses, or châteaux, that dot the landscape. Here, among cherry blossoms and groomed gardens you will discover the real beauty of central France.

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