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Experience a rich, dynamic history and tradition outside your luxury hotel in Coburg. With longstanding royal and religious influence, Coburg is a fascinating blend of German history and culture.

Coburg dates back to at least the 11th century, and has had a long history of aristocrat ownership. You can see evidence of this from the numerous castles and palaces within the city. Ehrenburg Palace is a former Franciscan convent built in 1220, then turned into a castle in 1543-1549. It is now a noted museum and library.

Veste Coburg is one of the biggest and most beautiful castles in Germany. Though largely rebuilt in the 19th century, its medieval design is still prevalent. The sprawling fortress has multiple towers and a triple line of walls, and is now home to three museums: a Hunting Room, an Art Collection Room, and an Armory, with the largest collection of medieval armor and weaponry in Germany. St. Moritz Church is a Gothic cathedral dating back to the 14th to 16th centuries.

Also be sure to visit the Baroque Town Hall (built in 1414), Casimirium (an elegant Renaissance edifice from 1598), and the Coburg Doll Museum! For entertainment, head to the Coburg State Theater or coincide your trip with the Samba Festival or Johann Strauss Musiktage.

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How better to appreciate the fusion of an Old World-meets-modernly-progressive city than by staying in a luxury hotel in Coburg? Booking luxury hotel reservations in Coburg is easy with ExcellentHotels.com.

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