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From your luxury hotel in Frankfurt, step into the financial capital of Europe. A city of contrast, Old Town Frankfurt evokes a medieval ambiance while the city center is made up of ultramodern skyscrapers.

Römerberg is the old town area of Frankfurt. Many of its historical buildings suffered damage during World War II but they have since been restored. Here you will see architecture from the 12th - 15th centuries. The Römer building is a medieval landmark that has been the city hall (Rathaus) for 600 years. A Gothic masterpiece, the Frankfurt Cathedral (Dom Sankt Bärtholomaus), is the main church of Frankfurt.

The hub of the Frankfurt public transportation system, Hauptwache is a mix of old and new. The original Hauptwache building is a beautiful model of baroque architecture. In the center of the plaza is das Loch, "the Hole" which leads down to the underground pedestrian area and the public transport station. The surrounding buildings, including Kaufhof Department Store are more modern in architecture.

Containing some of the tallest buildings in Europe, downtown Frankfurt or "Mainhattan" as it is commonly referred, is quite the divergence from old town. The Main Tower is the perfect spot for taking in a beautiful panoramic view of Frankfurt. Commerzbank Tower was the tallest building in Europe until 2005. For a spectacular view of the skyline, head to Eiserner Steg (Iron bridge) or walk along the Schweizer Platz.

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