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Experience the dynamic offerings of a popular seaside city outside your luxury hotel in Kiel. With significant contributions in education, science and economy, Kiel is a fascinating blend of German history, industry and culture.

Located an hour north of Hamburg, Kiel is Germany's foremost maritime city. It was originally settled in 1233 by Count Adolf IV, though settled prior to that by Normans or Vikings. During World War II it was a major naval base and shipbuilding center for the German Reich, and consequently took heavy damage during the war. About 80% of Kiel was destroyed during the WWII bombings. Fortunately, the majority of the city was rebuilt.

The oldest structure in Kiel is the 13th century St. Nicholas' Church, with a sculpture of Ernst Barlach in front. The Stadtmuseum (City Museum) has preserved architecture from the 16th century with historic rooms and also displays urban and cultural exhibits from the 19th and 20th century.

There is the Old Botanical Garden and the New Botanical Garden, as well as zoological and geological museums for nature enthusiasts. The Kiel Opera House offers opera, ballet, and orchestral performances, and the extensive shopping district in Kiel is a major attraction for locals and travelers.

If you can coincide your trip to the last week of June, be sure to hit Kiel week, the largest sailing event in the world. The festival gathers about three million visitors each year, and offers music, fireworks and ship races - often drawing about 2,000 ships per year.

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