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Experience the dynamic influence of historical royal and political intrigue outside your luxury hotel in Koblenz. With a thriving mix of arts and entertainment, Koblenz is a conglomerate of German history, culture and recreation.

Be sure to visit some of the most historical landmarks in Koblenz. As one of Germany's oldest cities, Koblenz celebrated its 2,000th anniversary in 1992. It was long held by the Roman Empire, with evidence of their occupation still visible. There are remains of a large bridge built circa 49 AD, and the site of Ehrenbreitstein Fortress (now home to a museum, restaurant and archive) has long been a location used for Roman military bases and fortifications. The city also has passed through the control of the Franks, Normans and Swedes.

Stolzenfels Castle was built in 1259 and lies just outside of town. It was destroyed by the French in 1689 but was rebuilt in the popular neo-Gothic style. Basilica of St. Castor is the oldest church in Koblenz and was built with Romanesque and Gothic design starting in 817. It features a dazzling interior and an impressive collection of art.

The Elector's palace lies in the modern portion of town. Built 1778-1786, the palace is now a museum with gardens and a striking monument to Emperor William I of Germany. Just south of Koblenz in Lahnstein is Lahneck Castle, a medieval fortress from the 13th century.

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