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Chalkidiki rests along on the warm turquoise water of the Aegean Sea in western Greece. The landscape features a mountainous interior, great for exploring the wilderness, as well as a sprawling coastline, providing hundreds of miles of sandy beach. People come from far and wide to relax in this Greek paradise. Book your luxury hotel in Chalkidiki and immerse yourself in the beauty of Greece's vibrant and colorful culture.


A luxury hotel in Chalkidiki will afford you the profound experience of discovering the area around Mount Athos. The twenty monasteries that sit atop high coast cliffs represent a self-governing state which is dedicated solely to the Eastern Orthodox doctrine. Since 963, monks, hermits, and devote male followers have inhabited the densely forested peninsula, creating a beautiful seaside sanctuary. Though females are not permitted, and non-resident males must be given special permit, tourists still may explore the cliffs and walking trails that offer beautiful views of the historic monasteries.


Just north of Chalkidiki you will find Thessaloniki. The city is the second largest in Greece and has acted as a center for commerce and trade since ancient times. Throughout the city you will find many ruins and buildings that speak of a rich and extensive past. Features such as Roman baths and amphitheaters provide lasting memories as you immerse yourself in the history of Greece. Many museums and art galleries hold some of the most profound and intriguing collections in the world, spanning thousands of years. A luxury hotel in Chalkidiki will allow you to learn more about Greek culture and human heritage.


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Discover the wonder that is Chalkidiki. When you book your luxury hotel in Greece you will become enchanted by exquisite historic architecture, captured by the colorful culture, and compelled by the lasting history that has been deeply entrench in both. Offering 24-hour customer service, ExcellentHotels.com is the obvious option when booking 3, 4 and 5 star hotels in Chalkidiki or anywhere else your journey may bring you.

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