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From luxury hotels on sandy beaches to Venetian guest houses on narrow, cobbled streets, the Ionian isle of Corfu will accommodate you with welcoming Mediterranean style. Heavily influenced by the Venetian occupation of centuries past, Corfu is packed with beautiful ornate architecture, dozens of picturesque churches and lush, flowered city squares for visitors to explore.

North of Corfu city there are rugged mountains to hike in, and south there are powdery beaches lined with shops and hotels. In the city there is the Palaio Frourio and Neo Frourio, to explore. Mazes of medieval fortifications and ramparts offer stunning vistas of the sea and town around surprising twists and turns. In the massive Spianada square you can listen to a concert at the music pavilion or watch a popular cricket match on the green. The Palaia Anaktora and its gardens house ancient Venetian stone aquariums, a café and exotic flora to enjoy.

Partake in the fresh, simple Mediterranean cuisine, also deliciously Italian by influence. Corfu is known for its olives, pears, pomegranates, apples, figs and grape and you won't fine tastier dishes featuring these homegrown products.

An ode to the mythical Greek character Achilles, the Achilleon is an opulent palace that dates back to 1890. The palace grounds are dotted with artful Greek mythology sculptures and gardens. Inside there are exhibits and paintings depicting scenes from the Trojan War including a panoramic fresco called "The Triumph of Achilles".  Whether you are a myth buff or just enjoy scenic palace grounds, this unique attraction will impress you.

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