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Choose your luxury hotel in Ancona and let this bustling Adriatic port delight you with ancient landmarks and a stiff sea breeze as you ferry to ports near and far. The always mouthwatering Italian cuisine and unique cultural venues will impress the savviest of world travelers.

The Cathedral of Saint Ciriaco overlooks the harbor, splendid with its dome and eleventh century, Romanesque embellishments. Masterpieces of sculpture and painting are displayed here as well as columns from the Temple of Venus.

The Lazzaretto is an early eighteenth century fortress that was originally planned as a safe haven for important military personnel.  Now it is a hub of cultural activities and from your luxury hotel in Ancona you can make your way to its pentagonal ramparts to visit.

For a unique experience, visit the local accordion factory then stroll among quaint cafés in search of the perfect Italian pastry to indulge in. Along with wine from the region, the cakes and baked goods from Ancona are second to none.

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Whether you pass through on a ferry or stay to partake in the city's wealth of charm, a luxury hotel in Ancona will make the whole visit unforgettable. Booking luxury hotel reservations in Ancona is easy with ExcellentHotels.com


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