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Visit this steep Tuscan town and get caught up in the ancient churches, rousing festivals and medieval charm. From your luxury hotel in Arezzo you will have all the sights of central Italy within a day's distance.

There are too many historic churches in Arezzo to see in a day but the most notable and popular to visit are Santa Maria della Pieve, the Church of San Domenico, the Cathedral of Arezzo and the Basilica of San Francesco. These Romaneque and gothic stone masterpieces house priceless art by Italian legends and boast impressive stonework and carvings.

From your luxury hotel in Arezzo make your way to the Piazza Grande where most of the city's action takes place. Here you can cheer with the locals during the Saracen Joust festival and browse for one of a kind souvenirs at the antiques fair. 

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As the Oscar winning movie that was filmed here proclaimed, "Life is Beautiful" in Arezzo. Booking luxury  hotel reservations in Arezzo is easy with ExcellentHotels.com


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