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Wander off the beaten track and discover the understated gems of northern Italy from your luxury hotel in Bergamo. Though not at the top of the average visitor's list of destinations, Bergamo offers tucked away masterpieces, staggering beauty and deep history.

If you are lucky enough to stumble upon Bergamo, enjoy all the vistas and picturesque buildings from your luxury hotel in the Città Alta or the Città Bassa. Up in the old Città Alta you will have a medieval village to explore. Crowded with ornate churches, (don't miss Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore), hundreds year old city walls and cobblestone lanes it is a feast of history. Take the funicular down to Città Bassa for a more contemporary atmosphere, lively nightspots and high rise luxury hotels.

Since restaurants cater mostly to locals, the cuisine here is strictly traditional but artfully put together. Salami, polenta and fragrant risotto are just a few of the regional delights you can partake in while relaxing in a family owned restaurant.

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