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Some call it "the learned one" and others "the fat one" but either way it's true; Bologna is Italy's city of education and world renowned cuisine. From your luxury hotel in Bologna you can stand in the shadows of the soaring towers, partake in hearty meals and stroll down the arcades.

Founded in 1088, the University of Bologna is the oldest college in the world. The thriving student population keeps the city fresh and cosmopolitan even with an old world and historical backdrop. Start your tour from your luxury hotel in Bologna. The Two Towers leaning precariously over the skyline are the unique landmark of the city and a vertigo provoking walk to the top is not for the squeamish.

A tamer but no less scenic walk is through the 4 km portico to the Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca. This hilltop has been home to a church for over one thousand years, though the present sanctuary was built in the early eighteenth century.

Spend plenty of your time in Bologna enjoying the rich and savory dishes that make this region famous. Pasta Bolognese, (tomato and meat sauce), spicy mortadella and sharply flavored cheeses rule the menu here, to both Italians' and visitors' delights.

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