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Choose a luxury hotel in Capri and be enchanted by the ancient villas, twisting roads and natural wonders. See why Roman Emperor Tiberius built twelve lavish homes on this small Tyrrhenian isle.

Villa San Michele is a 20th century piece of architecture that sits atop the ruins of a grand Roman house overlooking Capri's marina and the city of Capri. Over 2000 years old, Villa Jovis was the largest of the Emperor's villas and its ruins are some of the most impressive in Italy.

Visit the famous Blue Grotto, the soaring Arco Naturale and admire the distant Faraglioni rocks off the coast from your vantage point atop Monte Solaro. The chairlift ride up from the town of Anacapri is scenic and exhilarating. If you'd rather stay on terra firma, the Phoenician Steps are a steep set of switchbacks that link the harbor to Anacapri. The funicular is your third mode of exploration on this island. Take it from your luxury hotel up the hillside for even more spectacular views.

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