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Though the city is overshadowed by its vast airport, (the largest in Italy), a stay at a luxury hotel in Fiumicino is sure to delight sun-seekers, archaeology buffs and foodies alike. Its vicinity to Rome makes it perfect for avoiding the hustle and hype of downtown.

Enjoy sun drenched days on the Mediterranean at your luxury hotel in Fiumicino. Miles of beaches make this city a welcome respite for both Romans and international travelers. Be sure to admire the ancient ruins of nearby Ostia Antica and also enjoy the fresh seafood at many charming beachfront restaurants.

Of course a jaunt to Rome itself is compulsory as sought after landmarks like the Colosseum, the Vatican City and the endless masterpieces of art and culture are within just a short drive.

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Explore all of Rome and the surrounding region from your luxury hotel in Fiumicino. Booking luxury hotel reservations in Fiumicino is easy with Excellent Hotels.  


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