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Your luxury hotel in Forli will put you in the center of quaint, medieval central Italy. Surrounded by rural gems and rustic wonders, Forli will have you charmed.

From your luxury hotel in Forli venture out into the Piazza Saffi where the main action of the town takes place. Here you can view the towering Romanesque Abbey of San Mercuriale. Make your way to the Porta Schiavonia to view the ancient city gate.

If you are adventurous you can rent a bicycle in Forli and explore the countryside yourself. You will stumble upon medieval villages like Longiano and Forlimpopoli. The latter boasts the region's civic archaeological museum where you can delve into the Roman history of Forli. Venture further off the beaten path and even discover waterfalls and crystal clear springs.

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You will delight in the history, landmarks and charm of Forli even more by choosing luxury hotel. Booking luxury hotel reservations in Forli is easy with Excellent Hotels.


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