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Enjoy the spoils of Tuscany from your luxury hotel in Grosseto. Sought after wine, serene countryside and deep history come together in the picturesque downtown while archaeological wonders and refreshing seaside are just a short trip afield.

The most prominent historical feature of Grosseto is its Medicean Wall. Refortified in the sixteenth century, this rampart now surrounds the town with a leisurely park and network of walking trails. Enclosed within the wall you will be treated to quintessential Italian charm, many ancient churches, a cathedral and many restaurants and shops.

Try a hearty meal of acquacotta and regional oven baked bread with oil, (schiaccia alla pala), before heading out to explore the Roselle Ruins. This Etruscan site marked the heart of ancient Tuscany until the tenth century. Foundations, flagstone paved boulevards and even mineral baths can be found here.

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