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Hotel Reservations on Lake Maggiore

Straddling Italy and Switzerland, Lake Maggiore is a sinuous lake that meanders from the Alps down to the plains of northern Italy. From your luxury hotel on Lake Maggiore you can spy the tiny isles that speckle the water and enjoy all the lake side towns.

The Borromeo Islands are the most charming to visit, and they all have unique draws. Isola Bella boasts the opulent Palazzo Borromeo and its landscaped yard where you can explore lavishly appointed salons and Baroque architecture.

Isola Madre is enchanting with its peacocks and parrots wandering amongst the lush gardens. The sixteenth century palace here has been restored for visitors and sits majestically amongst the exotic fruit trees and flowers.

Isola dei Pescatori, (Island of the Fishermen), is the only permanently inhabited island where about 50 locals operate romantic restaurants, cozy inns and quaint shops. Take the ferry from your luxury hotel and discover all of the beautiful islands Lake Maggiore hosts.

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Explore the islands on the water and the charming villages surrounding from your luxury hotel on Lake Maggiore. Booking luxury hotel reservations on Lake Maggiore is easy with ExcellentHotels.com


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