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How better to delve into the riches of Tuscany than by choosing a luxury hotel in Lucca? Unique Etruscan history, thriving arts and culture and of course, stunning views await you in this quaint Italian city.

Ancient city walls no longer defend the town but they are a singular attraction. Because of their exceptional preservation, you can tour the entire perimeter of Lucca and enjoy the parks, walking trails and promenade atop the ramparts.

Lucca boasts a few medieval towers, the most prominent being the Torre Guinigi that has trees planted atop it. The stairs are steep but the view from the top is spectacular. Discover other Etruscan remains in the Piazza Anfiteatro, (in the oval shape of the old amphitheater).

The famous opera composer Puccini hails from here so take a night out from your luxury hotel in Lucca and revel in an operatic performance. If nightlife is what you crave, nearby Viareggio hosts oceanside clubs and lounges for every taste.

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