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See all of the complete yet chilling Roman archaeological sites from a luxury hotel in Pompei. The modern city shadows what was once a thriving Roman metropolis almost 2000 years ago. The commanding cone of Mt. Vesuvius is a constant reminder of the volcanic eruption that buried the city in 79AD.

From your luxury hotel in Pompei, you will have access to both ruined Roman cities, Pompeii and the lesser known Herculaneum. You will want to spend days perusing the cobbled streets and you'll be amazed at how civilized and modern Pompeii really was. Water pipes, aqueduct fed fountains, and sidewalks were all built for efficiency. You can even find examples of Roman humor and sarcasm scrawled in latin across doorsteps and wine jugs that were preserved.

The amphitheatre, House of the Vettii, forum, Temple of Apollo and the House of the Faun are all popular sites to seek out while exploring Pompeii's ruins. The sister site of Herculaneum will offer many tributes to the Greek Herakles through vibrant remaining frescoes.

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All of the haunting remains of the area will be yours to delve into from a luxury hotel in Pompei. Booking luxury hotel reservations in Pompei is easy with ExcellentHotels.com


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