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Choose a luxury hotel in Siena to experience the local pride, vibrant atmosphere and medieval beauty. Tucked on a hill top in central Tuscany, Siena is the quintessential Italian town packed with cobblestones, craftsmen and quaint little ristorantes.

The first thing that will strike you upon your arrival to a luxury hotel in Siena is the commanding presence of the cathedral. Decked out in alternating stripes of white and green-black marble, it is an iconic example of breathtaking Italian Gothic masonry.

The nearby Piazza del Campo is no less impressive with its equally towering Torre del Mangia. Built a century after the Cathedral of Siena, it was meant to exemplify the equality between church and state with its similar height.

Allow yourself to get swept up in the passion of the annual Palio di Siena, a highly competitive medieval horse race around the Piazza. Jockeys from the seventeen contrades (neighborhoods) vie for the lead while the enthusiastic onlookers cheer and wave their contrade's colored flag.

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