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Amersfoort is a simple Dutch town with old-world charm and a city center that has been impeccably well kept since the middle ages. Your  luxury hotel in Amersfoort will be historic, close to everything and afford you effortless, traditional Dutch hospitality.

You will notice Amersfoort's circular layout which has endured for eras. When the city outgrew its walls in the fourteenth century a second, wider city wall and canal were built and the ancient gatehouses are still intact today. Visit Koppelpoort, both a land and water gate that serves as an icon of Amersfoort and its preserved legacy. An explosion in 1787 destroyed all of the Church of Our Lady, except for its soaring tower which still stands sentry over the wide market square. Twice weekly there are romantic bazaars held with vendors offering delicious snacks, beverages, fresh produce, clothing and souvenirs of all types.

Cycling or canoeing around the city canals is a refreshing way to view such a picturesque town and from your luxury hotel a rental company won't be hard to find. The viewfinder of your camera will tire there will be so many lovely spots along your excursion. Lastly, be sure to get a glimpse of the legendary Amersfoortse Kei, a 10 ton boulder displayed proudly downtown. Ask a friendly local about the back story for an amusing conversation.

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Your luxury hotel in Amersfoort will offer you the charm of old world Netherlands right at your doorstep. Booking luxury hotel reservations in Amersfoort is easy with ExcellentHotels.com.

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