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Experience the modern sophistication of the region from your luxury hotel in Eindhoven. A haven of scientific advance, innovative art and architecture, Eindhoven is a perfect display of old fashioned Europe emerging on a fast paced, pioneering world stage.

There are many new and comfortable hotels to choose from downtown where there are casinos, extensive shopping districts and museums to keep any traveler entertained. They call this the "Light City" because of the Philips Incandescent Lamp Factory's advances in modern light bulb manufacturing and commercialization. There is a museum display dedicated to the art of light and another renowned modern art museum, the Van Abbe.

The air of advancement and forward thinking will continue to be evident as you stroll the city's streets and parks. There are dozens of unique modern art displays and striking, oddly shaped city buildings. Search for the "Flying Pins" near the rail station and get a picture of "Blob" in city center.

Genneper Parks is an exceptional inner city park complex that hosts not only ponds, hiking trails and manicured gardens, but also a full scale water park, historic open air museum, an ecological farm exhibit and miniature golf. Be sure to catch one of the many music and folk festivals that are held here each year like the pop, reggae and even classical.

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