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Visit youthful, vibrant Groningen and from your luxury hotel, experience the Netherlands like you haven't seen before. This city is young, hip, likes to stay out late and listen to great music and eat delicious food.

There is history here too, evident in the classic, canal bound layout of the central city. The Martini Tower, Aa Church and Grote Markt all showcase the centuries old Dutch traditions that used to reign in Groningen. There are over 80 ancient windmills that dot the area as well, for a customary Netherlands snapshot.

From your luxury hotel in Groningen cycle around the picturesque downtown, stop in at a "traditional" Dutch coffee shop or pavement bistro for a leisurely break and great people watching. When night falls, seek out the trendy nightclubs that have housed legendary rock and alternative acts like Pearl Jam and Nirvana. Though you are out with the students you won't have a curfew; many bars stay open all night!

Recover in the morning by indulging in the modern jewel of town, the Groningen Museum. A work of innovative art in itself, the asymmetrical complex seems to float on the canal on the south end of the city. There will be no shortage of unique photo opportunities and inspiring exhibits that you won't find anywhere else in Europe.

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