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Choosing a luxury hotel in Leiden is easy with such a historic, characteristically Dutch city to delve into. There are both modern hotels and quaint, old-fashioned inns that offer luxury and convenience to all of Leiden's attractions.

The city dates back to a fourth century Roman settlement but really developed into the gem it is today in the middle ages. Beautifully preserved examples of this history are displayed in the Hooglandse Kerk or gothic Church of St. Peter, both fifteenth century masterpieces. Exploring the intricate canal system built among the city blocks is a great way to admire the view of well kept seventeeth century homes, churches, libraries and museum architecture.

Visit the Botanical Garden for a floral treat, or for more palatable delight, try the so-called oldest pancake house in the world. A tour of the Muurgedichten or "Wall Poems" is a romantic and intriguing excursion. View over eighty poems by international authors that have been painted artistically along walls city wide giving a touch of whimsy to Leiden.

A short jaunt north to Kaag Lakes is a wonderful respite from the bustling city. Grazing livestock, vintage windmills and camp sites line this chain of lakes where locals and visitors alike delight in water sports, sailing classes and fishing.

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