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Your luxury hotel in Maastricht will place you in a hub of free-thinking, eco-friendly and above all diverse shops, restaurants and locals. Touted as the oldest town in the Netherlands, Maastricht has a thoroughly old world and historically well-kept look to it, yet the chefs, hotel owners, artists and students give it a uniquely hip, cosmopolitan vibe as well.

Fair trade goods, organic produce and quality secondhand wares are all coveted in this town. The people are open minded towards progress and certainly well educated. You will find that whether you speak English, Dutch, German or French, folks will be friendly and helpful back to you in your native tongue.

Locals will certainly steer you towards some of the amazing landmarks around the old city. Helpoort, the oldest city gate to still stand in the Netherlands, Stadtspark, where you can tour ancient city walls, and the eleventh century Basilica of Our Lady are favorites. In the main square you will be treated to views of Romanesque St. Servatius Church, the striking red gothic tower of St. Jan's Church and the weekly market where only the highest quality goods are peddled.

An exceptional experience in Maastricht would be attending The European Fine Arts Fair, the leading art and antiques fair in the world, held each March. For an adventure, take a trip just south of town to the eighteenth century St. Petersberg fortress where bastions and fortifications still perch, guarding the city. Below the surface there are sandstone quarry tunnels and caves that you can explore with the help of a guide.

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