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Hotels in Christchurch

Visit New Zealand's "Garden City" for stunning mountain vistas, lush greenspace and quirky Kiwi traditions that you won't find in Europe. From your luxury hotel in Christchurch you will be within reach of not only the city's attractions but the whole of the magnificently scenic and culturally rich south island of New Zealand.

The Avon River meanders through downtown Christchurch creating a relaxed, tree lined park which is one of many verdant oases in the city. On any given day you can be entertained by local clubs playing netball, cricket, or the national favorite, rugby. Savor a convenient and mouthwatering lamb kebab from a street vendor and stroll through the botanical gardens dotted with pretty fountains and blooming displays.

From the Summit Road up to the top of the adjacent Port Hills you will be treated to a panorama of the whole of Christchurch, the distant, snow tipped Southern Alps and the craggy harbors to the south. Back in town get a scenic tour at ground level on the tramway that winds around the city. Don't miss New Zealand originals like the International Antarctic Centre, Southern Encounter Aquarium and Kiwi House. The annual World Busker's Festival is a unique ten days in summer when you can be delighted by the physical comedy, music and dance of street performers from the world over.

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