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Hotels in Queenstown

Choose a luxury hotel in Queenstown and you are in for a wild ride. The self-proclaimed adventure capital of the world, Queenstown offers more thrills than you can imagine, yet it does have a softer side that caters to the more low-key crowd.

Queenstown's own AJ Hackett was the pioneer of modern bungee jumping, but beyond that and the other typical adrenaline pumping fare like rafting, jetboating and world-class skiing, there are still many options for the seasoned thrill-seeker. Coronet Peak's slopes are sought by skiers and snowboarders, but how about heli-skiing? The view you catch during your scenic flight up into the peaks of the Remarkables is dumbfounding on its own, just wait until you are carving down the mountain overlooking Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown.

The Skyline gondola 450 meters up Bob's Peak just aside downtown is a gentle enough ride, but once you reach the top there is a bungee platform, sky swing over the city, paragliding or even just a great restaurant if you prefer to watch others get their kicks. The Luge is an authentic New Zealand experience that keeps you closer to the terra firma whilst still giving you a wild ride down the hill with staggering views. 

You can still have a great time in Queenstown without requiring a helmet and goggles. There are upscale restaurants and lounges within walking distance from several luxury hotels and Queenstown's shopping and nightlife draw thousands of visitors every year. The golfing and fishing are just as scenic as the extreme tours, but much more peaceful.

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Whether your view is from your luxury hotel room, a vintage steamboat tour on Lake Wakatipu, or your parachute, Queenstown will take your breath away. Booking luxury hotel reservations in Queenstown is easy with ExcellentHotels.com

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