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Your stay in a luxury hotel in Wellington will be culturally impressive, and fashionably metropolitan. We don't think of New Zealand as a hipster's haven but Wellington, with more cafés per capita than New York City, is a delightfully bohemian exception. Start with a colorful view and a stiff but refreshing sea breeze from your view from Kelburn. The cable car funicular is an icon of the city and you will enjoy a panorama of the skyline and harbor from here.

For visual and fine art connoisseurs, Wellington is a surprising treat. From the symphony orchestra to the national ballet, the dynamic art around the city, (note the remarkable Bucket Fountain of Cuba Street), to the many museums, (don't miss the Museum of Ta Moko, or Maori facial tattooing), there is a cultural prize around every turn.

Of course at every outlook there is dazzling scenery that New Zealand is so known for. This makes Wellington an ideal jumping off point for sailing, hiking, fishing and of course all the adrenaline stunts like skydiving, bungee jumping and parasailing that are so popular.

Well rounded Wellington also has the sophisticated side of New Zealand. Luxury hotels, eclectic, upscale shopping districts and tantalizingly fresh seafood and produce prepared in modern and innovative restaurants put this city on par with any major metropolis of Europe. Try the bluff oysters, paua and mussels the region is famous for before a succulent leg of lamb. Finish off your tastebuds with the national dessert, pavlova and you will retire to your luxury hotel brimming but delighted with your visit to Wellington.

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