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Londonderry is a jewel of Northern Ireland. With so many quaint luxury hotels within the walled old city you will have no trouble navigating to all of the sights and sounds it offers its visitors. From modern art and sculpture to seventeenth century architecture and narrow streets, you'll discover something different and picturesque every time you leave your luxury hotel in Londonderry.

Overlooking the River Foyle the ancient city wall still stands, impenetrable for over three hundred years. St. Columb's Cathedral, built in 1633 after the monk who started a monastery here in the sixth century, commands the old city skyline and is a striking place to start your tour. The Tower Museum will take you through the layers of the city's rich history as well. And don't miss strolling along the actual city walls and catching photo opportunities at the four original gates into the city.

If you like shopping or nightlife, Londonderry will not disappoint. The world's oldest department store, Austin's, is an Edwardian gem right in the heart of town even predating Harrod's in London and Macy's in New York City. Start your own pub crawl down Waterloo Street where Irish "trad" music drifts from darkened bars and modern dance music adds to the diversely festive atmosphere.

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