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The hardy traveler will be drawn to Norway's Arctic allure. Pristine and frost-bitten, it is veiled in Viking myth and incandescent Aurora Borealis. Choose your luxury hotel in Norway at the precipice of a plunging fjord for breathtaking views or be treated to straightforward Scandinavian hospitality in Oslo.

By land or by sea the western Norwegian fjords are spectacular. Start your adventure up the enigmatic coast in Bergen where ferries glide into the mist and severe inlet walls soar. Trek glacially hewn forest trails and tempt vertigo with the view down the fjord's sheer side. If you travel far enough north fresh fish and cured sausages will whet your appetite in the town of Trondheim where a visit to Gothic Nidaros Cathedral is a must for architecture buffs.

Outdoor leisure tests your endurance in Jotunheimen National Park. Snowy mountain passes, crystal waterfalls and inching glaciers provide a playground for locals and visitors alike. You will impress the Norwegians with a resilient, energetic attitude and utmost respect for their clean, impeccably tended ski slopes and awe-inspriring hiking trails.

If you seek pardon from the crisp outdoors arctic Tromso offers both warmth and fascination within unique museums. Learn about northern eco-systems, ancient Viking settlement and epic Norwegian quests to the farthest reaches of the South Pole. Scout out the world's most northerly brewery, botanical garden and planetarium whilst the Midnight Sun casts long shadows into the evening.

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