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Just step outside of your luxury hotel in Copenhagen and you will see the convergence of fairytale-like history and modernism. The cultural and geographic link between Europe and Scandinavia, Copenhagen has a charm all its own. The city offers an impressive assortment of sites and things to do.

A visit to downtown, also known as Middelalderbyen, and you will see much of the city's history. Stretch your leg muscles by winding along the spiral ramp leading to the observatory at the top of the Rundetårn. Or for more vigorous exercise, ascend the 400 steps, running counterclockwise, along the outside of the spire at Church of Our Savior in Christianshavn. Representing true historical importance is Amelianborg Palace. The four identical palaces surrounding an octagonal plaza is the winter home for the royal family of Denmark. Nearby Rosenborg Castle is home to the royal crown jewels.

Moving from medieval to modern you pass by the classic Dutch-style townhouses along the Nyhavn quay. Along the harbor once inhabited by seedy sailors and their likes, now you find a thriving, hip atmosphere. Also along the shore, the Black Diamond shines with its polished black granite walls. Head over to Louisiana on Øresund Sound for modern and contemporary art exhibits. The building itself has been acknowledged as a milestone in Danish architecture. Don't forget to head outside and walk through the sculpture garden. A visit to Holmen Island you will be awed by the Operaen designed by Henning Larsen. This massively expensive modern wonder is made up of limestone, glass, oak, marble, gold leaf and metal to name a few.

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