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Nestled into the foothills of the Little Carpathian Mountains, this city is an exciting melting pot of old-world Slovakian culture and modernism. There are many contemporary luxury hotels in Bratislava to choose from. With so many diverse styles of architecture to behold, handmade folk crafts to browse and international cuisines to indulge in, you'll soon realize that Bratislava is no longer just sausage and sauerkraut.

Start your visit by touring the main sights. From your luxury hotel, begin in the Staré Mesto, where the main square is home to the fourteenth century Old Town Hall, the Rococo Mirbach Palace and Franciscan Church. Take a moment to soak in the animated marketplace that operates here. Pick up a bottle of Medovina, (honey wine), a chunk of Shepherd's cheese or some hand carved wooden figurines for souvenirs.

Press on towards the pink, classicist Primatial Palace then be sure to get a shot of the Church of St. Elisabeth or the "Blue Church" that poses in its Hungarian art-nouveau magnificence, waiting for visitors to admire it. The Grassalkovich Palace with its eighteenth century French gardens is now home to Slovakian presidents but the grounds are open to the public and are a great spot to admire the looming outline of Bratislava Castle on its hilltop above the city.

For adventure slightly out of city center, take a quick jaunt across the Danube on the Novy Most Bridge and take in an upscale meal at the UFO restaurant. Enjoy 360 degree views of both Bratislava and the Austrian border to the west.

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Old and new world live in harmony in this Slovakian city. Explore it all from your luxury hotel in Bratislava. Booking luxury hotel reservations in Bratislava is easy with ExcellentHotels.com.

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