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Don't let diminutive square mileage deter you from the eastern European gem that is Slovenia. Whether they hail from the craggy Alps, Mediterranean coast or sophisticated metropolis, the Slovenes are warm and welcoming. Choose a luxury hotel in Slovenia in the mountains, on the seashore or tucked in the primeval forest in between, you will be enchanted.

Though Slovenia boasts only a few miles of coast along the Adriatic Sea, the city of Piran makes a day at the seashore imperative. Dusty rose colored roofs cap immaculate medieval architecture surrounding Tartini Square where you will want to lounge all afternoon at a pavement café over your meal of pistachio crusted meat or fresh seafood.

North in Triglav National Park marvel at the peaks of the Julian Alps reflecting in the calm waters of Lake Bled. In the center is Bled Island where you can share a moment of peace with the dormice in the fifteenth century church. Craving the exceptional? Descend into the Kras Plateau, a labyrinthine network of underground limestone caves and rivers.

From your vantage point in Ljubljana Castle assess the capital city below. Its plentiful boutiques housed in ornate Hapsburg architecture, many busy restaurants and quaint, cobbled streets put Ljubljana in the highest tier of clean, culturally rich cities but without the crowded bustle of its larger Eastern European counterparts.

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Trot the countryside of Slovenia like a regal Lipizzan. From your luxury hotel in Slovenia you will have all of the diverse charms at your fingertips. Booking luxury hotel reservations in Slovenia is easy with ExcellentHotels.com

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