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Get to know the South Western region of Spain, known as Castile-La Mancha, when you stay in the modern city of Albacete in a luxury hotel.  While one can appreciate all the modern amenities this city has to offer, it manages to hold onto its centuries old charm at the same time.  Albacete may be the most populated city in this region, but the area itself is one of the most rural of Spain.  The Castile-La Mancha terrain served as a backdrop for Miguel de Cervantes world famous piece of literature Don Quixote.  The windmills, which Don Quixote fought off believing them to be ferocious monsters in the story, still exist today.

Learn about the extensive history of the construction of the Albacete Cathedral which began in 1515 and after centuries of alterations was finally completed in 1960.  Walk through the Lodares Passage and admire the early 20th century Modernist Architecture of this 3 story Spanish gallery which serves both as a residential building and a marketplace to the city.  Sunlight streams down onto a long passageway which runs through the center of this gallery from a glass and ironwork enclosure from up above.

Try Manchego cheese which is produced from the whole milk of region's Manchega sheep.  Pair afternoon tapas off with a glass of wine created from one of the many surrounding wineries.  Over half of Spain's wines originate from this area's vineyards.

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