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"Basque" in the glory of this region of Spain by staying in a luxury hotel in Bilbao. The capital of Vizcaya exudes an air of cultivation through architecture, history and cuisine.

At the center of Bilbao's cultural presence is the Guggenheim Museum. While the exterior of the museum pays silent tribute to the history of Bilbao's maritime infrastructure, the interior contains some of the most respected pieces of modern and contemporary art.

Once at the forefront of shipbuilding and iron exportation, Bilbao underwent a large economic crisis impacting its steelworks and shipyards. Located on the docks of the old Euskalduna shipyard, Ria De Bilbao Maritime Museum provides the history of the Bilbao's maritime heyday. Bilbao is now steadily reviving itself as can be seen by the more modern infrastructure of skyscrapers, rapid transit, luxury hotels, and large-scale renovation projects.

A gastronomic mecca, Bilbao serves up scrumptious cuisine. Start by partaking in the traditional chiquet, having pintxos (appetizers) and a drink one of the many tapas bars and cafes in Bilbao. When you're ready for a meal, head to Bilbao's old quarter and dine on traditional Basque dishes of cod or hake, grilled meat, or tigres (mussels in anchovy and spicy tomato sauce). For a more modern flare, find a restaurant that serves up nueva cocina vasca, Basque nouvelle cuisine.

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