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Get swept away with dazzling Mediterranean vistas over the Cartagena Bay when you stay in a luxury hotel in Cartagena, Spain.  Tucked in the hills of the Southeastern coastal region of Murcia, Cartagena is a busy seaport that is sheltered on the backside a bay by rugged bluffs that rise up from the sea to its East and West.  This city has a diverse history as having served as the homeport to the Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, Arabs and then the Castilians.

Once the location of Cartagena's marketplace, the celebrated discovery of an ancient Roman theatre was unearthed in 1987 and has since been restored.  The theatre is the city's oldest archeological find and is at the top of the "must see" list of museums to visit while enjoying a stay at your luxury hotel

See the Fuerte de Navidad, Christmas Fort, which stands atop the large hill on the Western side of Cartagena Bay; take a boat or a car ride to get there.  It was rebuilt in the 1860's over the original ancient buildings that had once occupied this space.  This historically and artistically wealthy city has bountiful museums to wander through, such as the Regional Modern Art Museum, the National Museum of Underwater Archeology and many more.

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