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Let the clacking of castanets and rhythmic foot stomping to the beat of the Flamenco dance and music mesmerize you when you stay in a luxury hotel in Cordoba, Spain. This Spanish city's culture has been profoundly shaped by its colorful history. Throughout the centuries the Greeks, Romans, Visigothics, Moors and Christians have all played a marked role in shaping the architecture and history of this city.

Cordoba is located in a valley just south of the Sierra Morena mountain range and north of the Guadalquivir River. The high-speed train (AVE) links this Andalusian city with Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Malaga and Zaragoza. Boasting the second largest old quarter in Europe, Cordoba is graced with extraordinary architecture that is a testament to its past.

Stroll though the Jardines (gardens) de la Victoria to the massive medieval gate, Puerta Almodóvar. The Judería, one of Spain's oldest Jewish quarters, lies on the other side of the city wall. Winding narrow streets and white washed buildings make this a charming walk. On Calle de los Judios, one of three remaining synagogues in Spain can be found on this street.

Be sure to visit the Mezquita-Catedral, Mosque-Cathedral. The extensive evolution that this building has undergone is evident in that there is a Roman cathedral that was built in the center of the Moorish mosque. Along side the Mosque-Cathedral is the Roman Bridge. It has 16 arches that span Guadalquivir River. For 20 centuries this was the only bridge Cordoba had to cross the river.

Córdoba is the birthplace of several well known Flamenco artists. Flamenco is traditional Andalusian music and dance. It is characterized by acoustical guitar playing accompanied by intermittent clapping, foot stomping and song. The music and dance was heavily influenced by the Andalusian Gypsy culture. Catch a Flamenco show one evening during your stay in Cordoba, this is significant a piece of Spanish tradition that should not be missed.

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When you stay in a luxury hotel in Cordoba you will appreciate the charisma of this city's well preserved character. Booking luxury hotel reservations in Córdoba is easy with ExcellentHotels.com.

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