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Gaze out your hotel window at the serene view of the Bay of Biscay when you stay in a luxury hotel in Gijon. This energetic city is located on the northern coast of Spain in the Asturias Region. It is approximately 30 km northeast of Oviedo. A peninsula, known as Cimadevilla, is a prominent feature of the terrain of Gijón; it is a natural divider of the el Musel Port area to its west and the beginning of the Playa (beach) San Lorenzo to its east.

The Old Town of the city is situated on the waterfront on the Cimadevilla. Cobblestone streets wind through this section of town and open up onto large plazas. Tour the Revillagigedo Palace, an 18th century Baroque style structure found in the Plaza del Marqués. A short walk to the other side of the Cimadevilla leads to Plaza Mayor. Check out the underground museum where there are Roman Baths which date back to somewhere between the 1st and 4th century.

For a unique imbibing experience, visit one of the sidrerias in Gijón. This is a traditional Asturias type of bar which specializes in selling and serving sidra, a non carbonated hard cider. Order a glass of sidras and be prepared for spillage, as it is custom for the server to pour the cider from over their head into a glass which is held as horizontally as possible. Be the judge of the skill of the server, as the further the glass is held from the sidra bottle during the pour the more experienced the server.

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Get to know Spain's Asturias Region on its northern coast when you stay in a luxury hotel in Gijon. Booking luxury hotel reservations in Gijon is easy with ExcellentHotels.com.

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