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Spend a few nights at a luxury hotel in Spain when you visit Lleida, a city bursting with an abundance of art and Spanish tradition. Lleida, or Lérida as it is called in Spanish, is located in the Catalonia region in northeastern inland Spain. This city has an unquestionably advantageous location in that the Madrid-Barcelona high-speed train passes through Lleida. It is also a convenient place to stay in the winter with the best mountains for skiing nearby.

Jazz music enthusiasts will be interested to know that every November the city hosts the Lleida International Jazz Festival. During this month there are numerous jazz concerts at various venues throughout the city. Another intriguing festival, called Animac, is held either at the end of February or in the beginning of March. Animac is the International Animation Film Festival of Catalonia; this is a 4 day event where animation artists show their films at a number of theatres within Lerida.

A popular and unique festival that Lleida celebrates at the end of May each year is the Aplec del Caragol, the Snail Festival. 12 tons of snails are consumed during this 3 day festival yearly. This celebration is centered on the gastronomy of these swirly shelled double antennae mollusks. The people of Lleida keep this festival light of heart with jubilant brass bands and snail racing competitions.

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