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Step into the birthplace of Pablo Picasso from your luxury hotel in Málaga. Founded back in 770 BC, Málaga is an archeological treasure of Phoenician, Roman, Arabic and Christian influences. Today this port city offers history, beaches and culinary delights.

The remains of a Roman theater, dating back to the 1st century BC, lush gardens of pine and eucalyptus and expansive views of the city await you within the walls of Alcazaba. Connected to Alcazaba by a coracha (wall), Castillo de Gibralfaro built in the 14th century is a hilltop magnum opus appointed to guarding the citadel below it. Catedral de Málaga, while never completed, is a glorious example of renaissance and baroque architecture.

The Picasso Museum showcases more than 160 original pieces of art within the walls of a 16th century Andalucian palace. Spanning his cubist period to the late-1970s you can gaze upon some of Picasso's most famous drawings, paintings, and sculptures.

Head down to the coast of the Mediterranean and relax on one of Málaga's beaches. The closest to the town center is Playa de la Malagueta. For a livelier setting step onto the grey sand at Playa Las Acacias.

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