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Choose a luxury hotel in Menorca and experience a diverse side of Spain few know exists. This Mediterranean island is a gem teeming with history, beautiful windswept architecture and vibrant festivals.

In Mahon, find your luxury hotel and settle in with a view of the second deepest, yet still remarkably crystal clear harbor. Though the island is renowned for generally healthful Mediterranean cuisine, try a dish featuring mayonnaise; culinary legend has it the condiment was brought back to France and mainland Spain from Menorca centuries ago.

You will see more recent (eighteenth century) British influence in the colonial architecture and the locals' love of gin. During one of the many summer festivals partake in a regional mix of gin and bitter lemon (pomada) throughout the day.

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From pre-historic megaliths to modern day mayonnaise, you will discover the best of the local culture from your luxury hotel in Menorca. Booking luxury hotel reservations in Menorca is easy with ExcellentHotels.com.


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