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Visit the bustling city of Murcia and stay in a luxury hotel in Spain to get to know the southeastern region of the country. Murcia is situated in a large plain along the Segura River and is about 45 km from the Mediterranean coast. Abd ar-Rahman II, Emir of Cordoba, founded the city in AD 825. The fertile plains along the Segura River were what initially attracted the original settlers to Murcia. Known as La Huerta, or Europe's Orchard, Murcia is divided by the Segura River and the surrounding plains are home to bountiful, picturesque fruit, vegetable and flower crops.

Visit the city during the beginning of April to partake in the city's vibrant Spring Festival, Fiestas de la Primavera. During the weeklong festivities the people of Murcia celebrate the abundance of the area's harvests. There are parades where floats adorned with flowers move down the streets while locals standing atop the processions throw blossoms into the crowds. There is no shortage of traditional cuisine ready to taste from the local tapas bars whose proceeds help to fund the festival.

Expect to taste some of Spain's finest cuisine when visiting this city. An excellent location to sample some of the city's best tapas, is the Plaza de Flores in Murcia's Old Town. The city's proximity to the Mediterranean Sea provides their restaurants with a fresh fish supply. Add the locally grown produce to the recipe and the end result equals some of Europe's most exceptional gastronomy.

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Come see Spain's stunning countryside and savor wholesome culinary masterpieces when you stay in a luxury hotel in Murcia. Booking luxury hotel reservations in Murcia is easy with ExcellentHotels.com.

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