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A trip to Oviedo could not be more perfect than when it is accompanied by a few nights stay in a luxury hotel in Spain. Oviedo rests in a valley south of towering Mount Naranco. This mountain can be viewed from almost any point from within the city. Oviedo is the capital of the Asturias Region of Spain, and it is a short 30 km trip to the golden sand beaches in Gijon.

Two pre-Romanesque buildings that should be seen while visiting Oviedo are the Santa Maria del Nanco palace and the San Miguel de Lillo church. They are both situated on a hill at the base of Mount Naranco. These monuments are within walking distance from each other with a little over 200 m from the palace to the church. Upon returning from this excursion, a stroll through Oviedo's Old Town will offer the ideal place to taste the local Asturian cuisine.

Try the Fabada Asturiana, a white bean stew, at one of the Chigres, cider bars. Then, have some arroz con leche, rice pudding, a favorite regional desert. For a traditional night out in Oviedo, amble down Gascona Street. The locals have unofficially named this street "Cider Boulevard." It can't be missed as there is a lit sign above the street clearly marking the way. As can be expected, there are numerous cider bars here which are open until the early morning hours.

Take a guided cider shire tour to learn a bit of the Asturian tradition of cider-making. The apple tree dappled hill and verdant mountain ranges make for a lovely trip to one of the countryside's cider mills. Most tours will include lunch in one of the cities on the way back to Oviedo, such as Gijon.

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The authentic Asturian way of life will be just outside your door waiting for you to come discover it when you stay in a luxury hotel in Oviedo. Booking luxury hotel reservations in Oviedo is easy with ExcellentHotels.com.

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