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Come to Pamplona and let the fiestas begin with a stay in a luxury hotel in Spain. Ernest Hemmingway wrote of this lively city in his book The Sun Also Rises and subsequently made the Pamplona tradition of the running of the bulls world famous. This vivacious city is nestled in a valley in the northern Navarra Region of Spain and is about 47 km south of France's border.

Those looking for a taste of an authentic 300 year old Spanish tradition and who have an open mind towards cultural diversity will get a charge out of Pamplona's San Fermín weeklong festivities in July. This celebration is held in honor of the patron saint, San Fermín, and is most renowned for the running of the bulls event which takes place daily at 8am for 7 days. The bulls run about 826 m through the streets of the old town to the bull ring where bullfights will be held later on in the day. The residents of Pamplona dress in white and tie red handkerchief around their necks. Join the crowds and experience the parades, dancing, food and drinks of the San Fermín festivities first hand.

Visit Pamplona anytime of year to experience a city with abundant northern Spanish charm. Stroll along the Arga River near the old town and take in views of the city and the Gothic bridge of La Magdalena. Also, find the tastiest pinchos, the regional word for tapas, in the historic section of Pamplona. Tour through one of the city's many monuments such as the impressive Ciudadela, the Citadel.

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