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A vacation in Santander with a stay at a luxury hotel in Spain will feel like royalty. Located in the Cantabria region of the country, Santander has long been a popular beach holiday spot since the early 1900s. It overlooks the Bay of Santander, and it is about 180 km east of Gijon and 240 km west of Biarritz, France.

The place to be during the summer months is an area called El Sardinero. This is a long strip of golden sand beach which starts off from the Magdalena Peninsula. There is a promenade parallel to the beach where hotels, restaurants and casinos look out to the sea. It was King Alfonso the XII who made this destination a popular vacation area.

Take a break from the beach, and see some of Santander's most prominent monuments. In 1913 King Alfonso's palace was completed, and thereafter, this is where the king spent each summer. The stone neo-Gothic style structure was built on the Magdalena Peninsula atop a bluff looking out onto the Bay of Biscay. Standing watch over the mouth of the bay is the Cabo Mayor Lighthouse.

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