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Stay in a luxury hotel in Bern and immerse yourself in the Swiss and German culture of the region. Medieval and brimming with historical charm, the old city of Bern is sure to delight gastronomes, shoppers and culture seekers.

There are a few stand out relics that have endured in downtown Bern since the 15th century. The majestic gothic cathedral, the miles of arcaded shopping promenades and most notable, the Time Bell clock tower. This attraction boasts one of the oldest working puppet shows in the world as it chimes out the hours. It shows the date, present zodiac sign and moon phase as well!

Visit unique sites such as Einstein's old residence and the Zentrum Paul Klee before viewing the city's bear pits. These pits have been in use since the sixteenth century and are still home to four bears today!

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Whether you are here to shop or to immerse yourself in local lore, a luxury hotel in Bern will be the perfect home away from home. Booking luxury hotel reservations in Bern is easy with ExcellentHotels.com.


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