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Your luxury hotel in Fribourg will afford you sweeping views of the old city, River Sarine and sprawling Swiss countryside. You will have a wealth of museums, ancient architecture and unique French/German culture to delve into in Fribourg.

From the Natural History Museum (open since 1873), the Beer Museum, to the National Swiss Museum of Marionettes, there is no shortage of fascinating exhibits in Fribourg. From your luxury hotel, set out to explore the well preserved medieval neighborhood brimming with quaint shops and cozy cafés. You won't miss the towering Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, splendid in its stained glass and Gothic spires, over 150 feet above the river.

Tour Switzerland's best example of preserved medieval walls. The view is breathtaking from the ramparts and there are 14 towers still standing along over one mile of fortification, including the Great Bulwark.

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